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  • Why Do We Struggle with IT Title Graphic

    Why Do We Struggle With IT?

    Are we fooling ourselves in thinking IT can be a competitive advantage?  Why are SaaS platforms like Salesforce, Slack and Asana so nice to use while Enterprise apps are non-intuitive, hard to integrate and ugly? As executives, why do we struggle to get our systems to be an advantage rather than just something that barely gets the job done? The question why do we […]

  • Is Cloud Cheaper?

      To know if Cloud is cheaper we’ll define the various types of infrastructure we see in our engagements. Cloud isn’t for everyone but by the end of this article you’ll be able to size up your environment and see if you can actually save money by moving. Let’s start by defining Cloud as it relates […]

  • Why Look At Alternatives to AWS title

    Alternatives to Amazon AWS ?

    Amazon AWS (AWS) outsells its nine closest competitors combined.  Since AWS has a great reputation, why would someone want to look at the alternatives? I feel that AWS is great for organizations that can handle a Do It Yourself environment. If you are technical and only need IT infrastructure, they’re an excellent service provider. But if you need more than just […]

  • They Call Us A Colocation Broker

    Colocation Brokers?

    I don’t like the term colocation or cloud broker which is a bit silly since that’s what we do at ColoAdvisor. Although different, it reminds me of searching online and happening upon an affiliate link for the item you want. The affiliate recommends it and then offers you a small value add for clicking on […]

  • Colocation Pricing - Data Center Search

    Colocation Pricing – Beginning Your Data Center Search

    In past articles, we’ve covered how to purchase colocation services which guided our readers from the point after choosing several providers and then narrowing down their search. The goal of this article is to help firms choose the initial data centers that will be included in their sourcing project. We felt that if we spoke about the business factors which drive colocation […]

  • IT user points gun at laptop

    Why Are IT Departments Hated?

      While reading this article, keep in mind the recent security breaches faced by well known corporations. The animosity between IT departments and end users has existed from the earliest days of corporate computing and is more intense than the Mac vs PC debate. Today we attempt to answer the question, Why Are IT departments Hated? Dilbert […]

  • Unusual colocation providers floating derrick

    Cool But Unusual Colocation Providers

    For most IT departments your general fare colocation providers are a perfect fit. In todays post we’ll talk about some alternate colocation providers that have come up with creative solutions for data center space in places you’d least suspect. 1. Datacenter in a Datacenter On occasion I’ll work with startups that need reliable colocation space for […]

  • top 15 cio challenges

    Top 15 CIO Challenges of 2014

        This is our top 15 list of CIO challenges for 2014 delivered in no particular order based on recent discussions with our clients.   1. Constant pressure from finance to reduce costs. CIOs probably answer the question “Couldn’t we save money by doing this in the Cloud” far too often. Each time the question […]

  • Title Purchasing Cloud Computing Alone

    Video Presentation: Why IT Managers Shouldn’t Purchase Cloud Computing Alone

    Today we have a video presentation for our readers. It’s 14 minutes and worth the watch entitled: “Why IT Managers Shouldn’t Purchase Cloud Computing Alone” Introduction Many analysts have attempted to normalize cloud computing pricing to understand average costs for known resources such as storage, processor and memory with some success. It’s still a confusing purchase for […]