Cloud Computing

  • Is Cloud Cheaper?

      To know if Cloud is cheaper we’ll define the various types of infrastructure we see in our engagements. Cloud isn’t for everyone but by the end of this article you’ll be able to size up your environment and see if you can actually save money by moving. Let’s start by defining Cloud as it relates […]

  • Why Look At Alternatives to AWS title

    Alternatives to Amazon AWS ?

    Amazon AWS (AWS) outsells its nine closest competitors combined.  Since AWS has a great reputation, why would someone want to look at the alternatives? I feel that AWS is great for organizations that can handle a Do It Yourself environment. If you are technical and only need IT infrastructure, they’re an excellent service provider. But if you need more than just […]

  • Disadvantages of Cloud Computing Title

    Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

    While checking out the Cloud Computing group on Linkedin, I found a discussion from March of 2013 where a NetworkWorld article called Cost Battle: Cloud Computing vs. in-House IT was the topic. While the article did a good job of explaining that one size doesn’t fit all, some of the group members went on to say that cloud was really […]

  • Software as a Service SaaS

    The Skinny on SaaS – What is SaaS ?

    If you pay attention to business technology articles and magazines, you may have noticed the proliferation of this buzzword. SaaS, pronounced “sass,” stands for “Software as a Service.” Software as a Service means exactly what it sounds like: technology companies, particularly start-ups, are creating software that provides a service for their customers. If that sounds […]

  • Managed Storage server rack

    What Is Managed Storage?

    You may have heard the term “managed storage” before. What is it, and is it something your company needs? We’ve put together some basics to get you up to speed. What Is Managed Storage? Managed storage means letting a third party service provider take care of your company’s data storage needs. Different providers offer different […]

  • Facts About Cloud Hosting

    Cloud hosting is a relatively new style of web-hosting that has gained popularity over the last few years. Cloud hosting means that instead of a shared server, VPS, or a dedicated server, your resources are spread across a cluster of servers. What does this mean for performance? Cloud hosting is an excellent example of the […]