• Where to Find Data Center News Title Graphic

    Find Data Center News

      When I got into the data center business back in 1999 there wasn’t much in the way of data center news  that was timely. I kept up with data center news from limited sources and bland press releases. In more recent times the news coverage has expanded nicely as data centers have become highly relevant. […]

  • They Call Us A Colocation Broker

    Colocation Brokers?

    I don’t like the term colocation or cloud broker which is a bit silly since that’s what we do at ColoAdvisor. Although different, it reminds me of searching online and happening upon an affiliate link for the item you want. The affiliate recommends it and then offers you a small value add for clicking on […]

  • Colocation Pricing - Data Center Search

    Colocation Pricing – Beginning Your Data Center Search

    In past articles, we’ve covered how to purchase colocation services which guided our readers from the point after choosing several providers and then narrowing down their search. The goal of this article is to help firms choose the initial data centers that will be included in their sourcing project. We felt that if we spoke about the business factors which drive colocation […]

  • Unusual colocation providers floating derrick

    Cool But Unusual Colocation Providers

    For most IT departments your general fare colocation providers are a perfect fit. In todays post we’ll talk about some alternate colocation providers that have come up with creative solutions for data center space in places you’d least suspect. 1. Datacenter in a Datacenter On occasion I’ll work with startups that need reliable colocation space for […]

  • Dulles Airport Near Loudoun County near Ashburn

    Ashburn Data Centers – Plenty of Choices

    The Dulles Technology Corridor is a massive hub of technology companies and the infrastructure that supports them. And within this hub is “the bullseye of America’s Internet,” Ashburn, Virginia. Also known as “Data Center Alley,” Ashburn data centers total over at the moment, with more being added all the time. Among those most recently announced […]

  • colocation pricing trends

    Colocation Pricing Trends

    Colocation Pricing Trends Colocation used to be thought of as an expensive proposition, but through increased awareness (and rising in-house technological infrastructure costs) many companies have come to see colocation as an affordable alternative to internal solutions. More recently still, however, there have been murmurs that colocation costs are still falling due to increased competition […]