How ColoAdvisor’s Database Speeds Cloud Computing and Colocation Search

Cloud computing and colocation database video

I’ve been touting the benefits of our homegrown database of datacenters for a long time. Previously each time we engaged with a client it would start with a quick look at our database BUT since we didn’t have complete data we’d always need to fill the beginning of our colocation or cloud computing searches with many phones calls and emails. To scale, we enabled any agent at ColoAdvisor to add new tables or fields  to the database at will. No longer would it be enough to know the available square footage or how many diesel generators a facility had – real information had to be gathered and stored. Here are some examples of the fields we now update regularly: How Many KW per rack can be accommodated […]

Ashburn Data Centers – Plenty of Choices

Dulles Airport Near Loudoun County near Ashburn

Ashburn Data Centers The Dulles Technology Corridor is a massive hub of technology companies and the infrastructure that supports them. And within this hub is “the bullseye of America’s Internet,” Ashburn, Virginia. Also known as “Data Center Alley,” Ashburn data centers total over at the moment, with more being added all the time. Among those most recently announced are Equinix’s 1.16 million square foot “crown jewel,” unveiled last year; Cyrus One’s 420,000 square foot facility; and Dupont Fabros’ 446,000 square foot, newly-overhauled campus design. Most data center providers in Ashburn have multiple facilities; it’s a crowded market, but there’s ample demand. According to some sources, as much as 70% of  the world’s Internet traffic gets routed through Loudoun County. The […]

Relocating Your Data – 5 Things to Consider

Relocating Your Data

Relocating Your Data As the cost of IT infrastructure rises, more and more businesses are considering relocating their data into a 3rd party facility. After all, the information is core to your business mission, but the maintenance of the equipment and their special requirements probably isn’t. So as you begin looking into colocation, there will be various themes trumpeted at you: you’ll save money, you’ll improve reliability and security, and you’ll find it easier to scale up and down. Most of the information you’ll receive will be geared around your concerns about these issues. But what about some of the lesser-known issues about colocation? Here are five things to consider. Network Carrier Agnostic It’s not just that competition is good– […]

Data Center RFP Writing Services

datacenter rfp writing

Data Center RFP Writing Services A RFP, or “Request For Proposal” document is commonly the first step when researching data centers. However, time and again, we have seen vague or poorly written RFPs go out to vendors, resulting in only vague or useless responses — if they respond at all. Then the proposal needs to either be rewritten, or the company will need to spend time and manpower following up with the vendors. Ideally, a RFP will be clear, concise, and outline the business’s needs with the appropriate level of detail. However, this can sometimes be difficult to accomplish. The people tasked with writing the RFP have most likely never created an RFP for a data center, so first they […]

What To Look For In a Disaster Recovery Provider

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“93% of businesses that lost their datacenter for 10 days went bankrupt within one year.” -National Archives & Records Administration. Disaster Recovery Provider Checklist In a world of global connectivity, downtime is no longer an option. And if your data and applications are lost, your business could be crippled. In fact, a recent Gartner Group study reported that 40 percent of companies that lost their data in the event of a disaster went out of business within five years. As such, having a plan in place before a disaster strikes is crucial. We’ve already given you advice about how to develop a data center disaster recovery checklist, but let’s have a look at what to consider when you’re thinking about […]