Ashburn Colocation Datacenters – So Developed, So Fast – How?

Dulles Airport Near Loudoun County near Ashburn

In September of 2012, Datacenter Knowledge published an article which spoke of Loudoun County having over 5 million square feet of datacenter space. Loudoun County Virginia is home to an area called Ashburn where over 50 datacenters exist and a place I’ve called home off and on since 1995. To understand how abundant colocation in […]

Save 20 Hours Finding Datacenter Services

Save 20 Hours in Finding Datacenter Services

Finding Datacenter Services This week we give a brief overview of how our Datacenter Finder Services work with a huge boast about saving you about half a week of time. If you are interested in receiving the sample report we mention in the video please be sure to email us at proposals at to […]

Enhance Your Data Center Strategy


It’s an interesting time to be in business. In a single lifetime, we’ve gone from computers that take up an entire room to entire exabytes of data flying across the world on a daily basis. Even in the span of a few years, we’ve gone from PDAs to Google Glass. As a practical matter, this […]

Datacenter Build vs Buy

Servers in A Datacenter

The Build vs Buy topic has been covered well by datacenter experts online. Most of those reviewed by ColoAdvisor are excellent but tended to cover larger datacenter builds, particularly those folks looking to retrofit an entire building or break ground and pour concrete. We haven’t seen a specific analysis for those who use a dedicated […]

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – Is It Inevitable?

“If you name it ‘NeverNote.exe’ IT won’t catch it!” I’d hear from colleagues of mine when I worked for larger, public corporations. I thought at the time that the methods taken by IT were far too draconian for us to effectively get work done but as I began to formulate IT strategies I realized just […]