Simple Tools to Get Ahead

I wrote an article a couple of years ago on my personal blog about my annoyance with popular CRM tools and how unhelpful they were for true internal collaboration and remembering what you needed to do the next day for your prospects. As we started to do some outbound sales we decided to go with Highrise from 37signals. I've worked for some of the largest organizations on the planet who had the ability to do proper CRM and dropped the ball. Here are some of the situations I found myself … [Read more...]

Square pegs / round holes

Many would wonder why we'd start a company like ColoAdvisor. Long story short, we've been directly employed by excellent hosting providers all of which set out with the best of intentions to provide a quality product. But no company can be everything to everyone and with the pressures for sales revenue in larger corporations, one maybe pressured to compromise their integrity in order to keep their job. The reason we're thrilled to have launched ColoAdvisor is that we work with 30+ hosting … [Read more...]