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  • Title Purchasing Cloud Computing Alone

    Video Presentation: Why IT Managers Shouldn’t Purchase Cloud Computing Alone

    Today we have a video presentation for our readers. It’s 14 minutes and worth the watch entitled: “Why IT Managers Shouldn’t Purchase Cloud Computing Alone” Introduction Many analysts have attempted to normalize cloud computing pricing to understand average costs for known resources such as storage, processor and memory with some success. It’s still a confusing purchase for […]

  • Cloud computing and colocation database video

    How ColoAdvisor's Database Speeds Cloud Computing and Colocation Search

    I’ve been touting the benefits of our homegrown database of datacenters for a long time. Previously each time we engaged with a client it would start with a quick look at our database BUT since we didn’t have complete data we’d always need to fill the beginning of our colocation or cloud computing searches with many phones calls […]