RFP Results Not Helpful?

Unfortunately most Information Technology RFP's yield confusing results which generally means no decision is made.

It's frustrating launching an RFP just to have inconclusive results, pricing that's all over the place and confusing responses after all the effort you've expended. If you'd like to have experts draft your RFP please read on.

Why ColoAdvisor to Assist with your RFP?

  • We Write RFP's All The Time

    We understand what it takes to write a strong RFP. We’ll learn where you are with your IT and where you want to go and ensure that the RFP supports this transformation

  • We'll Force Apples to Apples Results

    We know how to write RFP’s that yield Apples to Apples Results. It’s difficult when vendors each take a different approach to their solution.

  • We Know Where to Send Your RFP

    How do you ensure you’ve left no stone unturned? Our Past Experiences and our Database of Global Colocation, Cloud Computing and Managed Services providers allow us to send the completed RFP to the right place

  • We're Flexible

    We don’t have to do it all. We can write the RFP and hand it over to you. We can also manage the whole process. It’s what you need and the service is designed to be very flexible.

  • We're Efficient

    Work with dedicated contact who will coordinate all aspects of the project. We have many tools to streamline this process allowing you to focus on other priorities.

  • You'll Be Able to Move Forward

    With more concise, Apples to Apples results from perspective vendors you can get your project done on time and in scope.

Take Advantage of Our 2 Hour Free Consultation

Our service may save you months of frustration and wasted time. It's worth a brief consultation to see if ColoAdvisor can help. Our RFP writing service works for Colocation, Cloud Computing and Managed IT services.

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Other Services Provided by ColoAdvisor

Datacenter Finder Services

Receive 5 quotes from the best fit Colocation, Cloud Computing and Managed Services providers. The results of these quotes are summarized into a concise report that will allow you to make a fast but intelligent decision as to where you host your applications. This is a free service offered by ColoAdvisor and yields excellent results.

Datacenter Consulting Services

Consolidations, Inventory Auditing and Migration assistance consulting is available from our expert consulting team. We've assisted many companies in doing this and we've developed some internal tools that make these moves even easier. If you'd like access to some of our tools you can find them on our resources page.

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