Data Center Pricing

Colo Advisor can deliver data center, colocation and cloud pricing quotes to your inbox completely free.

The Problem with Data Center Pricing

Here’s what Happens when you ask for data center quotes:

You reach out to get data center pricing. You then experience the following:

  • To provide your specifications, you have at least 3 phone conversations. At an hour for each call, that’s a lot of your time.
  • Whether you are in a rush for quotes or not, it always seems to take 3 days no matter what.
  • You receive follow up calls from data center vendors for the rest of your life
  • Drastic changes between infrastructure purchases mean you need to learn more before making a decision
  • Because the process is so slow, you go with the 1st quote you see – spending more money than necessary

How We Help

  • We obtain quotes for you and proxy ALL the requests through us (you won’t be bombarded by vendors)
  • We provide you pricing for colocation, cloud and bandwidth in a single, easy to read report
  • We’ll offer sound advice on infrastructure strategy as it relates to your project
  • We can speed your project along by eliminating pricing bottlenecks
  • We do this at no cost to you

Why Are We Uniquely Qualified to do this?

Imagine, the engineering person from the data center who used toprice out space is now the person who is requesting quotes on your behalf. Yes, that’s us. Since we are paid a finders fee by the data centers we just want to give you all your options with no stone left unturned. When your fellow management team asks you, “are there any other options for a better price, you can just reply with a confident “NO” each time.

Our History

ColoAdvisor was founded by engineers that were responsible for planning data center space for colocation clients. As the industry progressed, these engineers saw the importance of matching the hardware to the data center’s cooling capabilities. Purchasing space ill-suited for your equipment leads to higher costs and difficult scaling. Our founders have architected colocation and data center solutions since the mid to late 90’s.

Who Do We Help?

large or Small Colocation Needs

Whether you need a single U of colocation or you need an entire data center, we are uniquely qualified to find you the best places to put your hardware and provide you pricing.

Enterprises With Legacy Apps

While perfectly scalable solutions for legacy applications aren’t available yet, there are some solutions that can save you money.

Software as a Service Providers

You may have built and marketed your application long before public cloud. If you find your app doesn’t fit in the cloud, we may have some alternative solutions that will save you money.

Enterprises with Mainframe Systems

There are cloud solutions for legacy systems like Solaris on Sparc, VAX/VMS, IBM p and iSeries, DEC Alpha w/ OpenVMS or and many other systems.

In all of these cases, we are able to give expert opinions on where your application should reside and you should expect to pay. We represent 100’s of data center and cloud computing providers in the marketplace so we are compensated by the providers and not our clients.

What We Do

DATACEnter quotes

At no cost we are able to obtain infrastructure quotes for the following services:

  • Public and Private cloud,
  • Colocation Cabinets / Racks (any quantity)
  • Retail Colocation
  • Wholesale colocation
  • Build to Suite Data Center Space
  • Powered Shells
  • Edge Data center colocation

We provide you pricing, no strings attached. If you want to start receiving quotes right away, use our automated pricing tool here.

cloud cost management

While your application probably was build using these important guidelines:

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Resilience
  • Performance
  • Features
  • Orchestration & Automation
  • Manageable

Chances are, cost wasn’t contained as much as you’d like. We can help you understand where you can save money without sacrificing uptime.

rfp writing & support

We found that many RFP’s issued, tend to result in no vendor selection. This occurs for the following reasons:

  • not forcing apples to apples responses
  • not allowing enough leeway for vendors to outline the structure of their product
  • not allowing vendors to give their advice for better ways to approach the solution from their perspective
  • not having the requirements listed clearly enough by way of diagrams and charts.

If you must obtain services by way of RFP to obtain data center pricing, we can write an RFP to suite your needs perfectly.

infrastructure consulting

IT executives always feel that there’s a better way to deploy their infrastructure. We can help you answer these questions:

  • Public or Private Cloud?
  • Why are my data center costs so high?
  • Should we be moving to the cloud at all?
  • Should we be bringing things back in house?
  • What would it cost us to do this in our own cloud environment?
  • What would it cost for someone else to do this for us in their cloud?

We’ve guided countless firms through these new and interesting public cloud times.

Try our Automated Quote Gathering Tool Now

Good for use with Colocation and Bandwidth Quotes

Thirty Six Hours

The average time it takes to get data center pricing or a basic colocation quote if you ask directly

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