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What Does ColoAdvisor Do?

ColoAdvisor is committed to ensuring that the transition from internal to external datacenter space or cloud is worry free. To assist firms looking to make this important move we specialize in 3 areas. 

Cloud Quotes

Want to know the best cloud for your particular workload? We have been placing IT workloads into various hosting and cloud providers since 2007. 

It's not enough for us to find you the best pricing, it has to match in all aspects. If your app scales differently than the cloud you choose, you'll always pay more than you should. This is currently available at no cost. Click here for more information on cloud quotes.  

Colocation Quotes

You only have so many hours in a day. Want to get 3-6 quotes for colocation providers in a specific geography with specific certifications? Offload this task to us. Not only can we get you a perfect fit but we can find you facilities that have excellent direct connect circuits to cloud providers, your office building and other colocations for replication of data. Click here for more information on colocation quotes. 

Cloud Cost Management

If your infrastructure is already in the cloud, you can probably remember the pains you faced when scaling on your own. Now with virtually unlimited scaling in the cloud, your cloud bill can also be unlimited and often surprising on how quickly it adds up. We are experts in cloud cost containment and would love to help you get a handle on your costs, learn where the costs are coming from and what departments are utilizing cloud resources with the precision an accounting system. 



How Our Fast Quote Service Works



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Our Specialties

Fast Quote Services

We offer a couple of services where we manage the sourcing of cloud or colocation solutions. While you understand IT, we understand IT + a vast marketplace that is evolving almost too quickly to document and track. 

fast quote services - cloud

We learn about your application and using our knowledge of all cloud service providers globally we can help advise you on the best cloud to build upon.  We are completely agnostic in our approach and in many cases can do this without charging our clients. 

fast quote services - colocation

Colocation isn't rocket science but weeks of research can be saved by engaging us. Location, certifications and network connectivity will be the biggest drivers of your decision. We can help you reach a decision point in hours rather than days or weeks. 


Cloud Cost Management

Scaling used to be a large concern. Thanks to public clouds, scale isn't as big of a problem. But with this unlimited scale comes the issue of large bills. Right sizing,  and discovering cost anomalies before receiving a  bill can reduce your IT spend on cloud d.  We do this through a simple engagement and the use of the True Cost Cloud(tm) Reporting Platform from Cloudability. 

Classify & Rightsize

We'll work with you to tag and classify your resources. Once completed we can understand what applications belong to what application groups and internal teams.  Oversized, abandoned and under utilized instances are detected quickly and expert recommendations for remediation are given. 

Rightsizing & Continuous Compliance

The True Cost Cloud Management platform allows us to continually monitor cloud instances looking for instances that have been over build or have been abandoned. Large deviations in monthly spend can be detected with just the beginning of a trend with enough time to adjust before it affects your monthly bill. 

I imagine that ColoAdvisor saved me approximately 40 hours of conference calls, follow up calls, face to face meetings and email responses in the course of the engagement from ColoAdvisor. I’d highly recommend calling ColoAdvisor before attempting to source hosting or colocation services directly.
— Eddie Fox, Mettel Networks