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What Cloud Infrastructure Is Best for Our Organization ?

How Do I Migrate Our Applications To The Cloud ?

How Do I Optimize Performance and Cost Once There ?


answering question 1:

What Cloud Infrastructure Is Best for Our Organization?

the goal: auto scaling infrastructure that is reliable, redundant and extensible.

Having migrated many systems into the Cloud, we’ve seen what works and why. Where you move your infrastructure should be based on what cloud provider scales best with how your applications work.

If you’d like recommendations on AWS, Azure, Google Compute or even a specialized cloud (or colocation) that specializes in HIPAA, FedRamp or FISMA, we can help point you in the right direction. Before moving your infrastructure, get an assessment of your environment to ensure the best fit.

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question 2: How to get your applications moved intact

What’s the Best Way to Migrate Our Applications?

For some, migrating applications is as easy as giving permissions to those applications to spin up in a remote facility. Others may require re-hosting, re-platforming or refactoring to get the desired performance and ROI needed. With our team of migration specialists, we can help devise the best way to get your applications moved into the cloud intact. With a successful migration, your organization can begin to realize cost savings by leveraging economies of scale built by others.


question 3: optimizing performance & cloud cost management

How Do We Optimize Performance & Cost?

IT experts are held accountable for security, performance and up time. It’s no blame on IT departments when costs run high as cost containment is not as high a priority. Optimizing your cloud cost can no longer be done with a spreadsheet or database.

Without sacrificing performance, security or up time, learn how to increase your IT spend, reduce waste with a proven strategy that produces an immediate reduction in costs and enables a culture of cost consciousness.

optimization performance and cloud cost management
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