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We Understand I.T. Workloads and where they should live online

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We Understand I.T. Workloads and Where They Should Live Online

Reasons to Use ColoAdvisor

You'd think adding someone in the mix that sits between you and the service provider would slow things down. It's quite the opposite, we engage quickly and have a time-tested, repeatable process to gather your requirements and sharing it with potential vendors quickly. All vendor partners' responses comes through us which saves you about 3 hours per vendor. So if we get 5 simple quotes for you, you've saved about 15 hours in the process. Here are some more reasons to look at us:

Large Gaps in Purchase Intervals

You purchase hardware and software frequently. In the small gaps between purchases, changes in technology can be quickly understood. This is not the case with Cloud and Infrastructure services. The average interval of purchasing infrastructure can span between 3 and 10 years which means the landscape completely changes in between purchase intervals. 

We're Agnostic

We represent you the buyer period. We will scour the options for your specific needs and make recommendations that are best for you. Since we have over 100 relationships with the top colocation and cloud providers, there's no need for us to favor a specific vendor. 

We're application experts

When you think of brokers, you think of someone who understand the marketplace but not your needs. We're actually architects and engineers, we understand how applications scale and can make sure the cloud provider we choose with you scales the same way your application does. Choosing the wrong cloud provider can be costly if your workloads don't fit that cloud model. 

No Obligation. No fees

There's no contractually obligation to stay with us if you aren't happy with our performance. We are paid a finders fee by the cloud and colocation vendors so this is a free service. 

With offices in New Jersey and Portland, Oregon, ColoAdvisor is a leading expert in sourcing colocation and hybrid cloud solutions. With our agnostic approach we work for our clients to optimize their applications and we save them money not by finding the cheapest solutions but by finding architecture that scales most closely to their application needs. 

Need More Reasons to Work with ColoAdvisor? 

Check out our Case Studies which outline some of our notable projects. 


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Our Specialties

Fast Quote Services

We offer a couple of services where we manage the sourcing of cloud or colocation solutions. While you understand IT, we understand IT + a vast marketplace that is evolving almost too quickly to document and track. 

Datacenter Assessments

We have the ability to analyze and understand your application quickly. With this knowledge we can suggest a strategy and a multi or hybrid cloud. If needed, we can even do the migration for you. We also create RFP's  to allow you to receive like comparisons for cloud providers. 

fast quote services - cloud

We learn about your application and using our knowledge of all cloud service providers globally we can help advise you on the best cloud to build upon.  We are completely agnostic in our approach and in many cases can do this without charging our clients. 

Assess & enable

We'll analyze your application and determine the best manner in which to launch it with a focus on leveraging economies of scale, cost and overall reliability. We feel confident that we can increase your application reach and reduce your IT cost and headache. We can do 1 or all of these functions and are flexible in all our engagements. 

fast quote services - colocation

Colocation isn't rocket science but weeks of research can be saved by engaging us. Location, certifications and network connectivity will be the biggest drivers of your decision. We can help you reach a decision point in hours rather than days or weeks. 

Creating datacenter RFPs

If you require an RFP before signing large contracts we can help. We specialize in writing RFP's that force vendors to respond with like service scopes which gives you an RFP that makes your next step clear.  Many RFP's lead to no decision and are frequently redone to elicit like (and useful) responses.



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