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Founded in 2007, our Co-founders come with 20 years of expertise from enterprise powerhouses such as UUNet, AT&T, Cable & Wireless, Oracle and IBM. Since those times, ColoAdvisor has advised numerous firms on how to best deploy workloads into the cloud.

In our earliest days, we realized that working for one cloud provider limited our ability to truly help clients and would force us to force square pegs into round holes. To alleviate this issue, we quickly scaled our partner network to include colocation providers, hybrid cloud platforms, software companies and developers to be a one stop shop for any firm looking to deploy their application online. From internal enterprise applications to cutting edge Software as a Service (SaaS) providers we've worked in a wide range of engagements. 

Your Issues

We know that you are dedicated to providing superior IT to your internal and external clients. You surround yourself with top talent and you are always pursuing ways of turning IT into an advantage. You realize that in 2016, a company can fall with poor online presence and IT delivery. We’d love to be your partner for the journey and help you find creative ways for maximizing, streamlining and optimizing systems without breaking the bank. 

Our Passion

We’re passionate about automation, resiliency and scaling. We like seeing IT executives going home with fewer phone calls for issues that go bump in the night. We constantly read, review and write about hybrid cloud and colocation trends. We want our clients to finally have access to computing as a true utility. We know that by normalizing processing, RAM and storage we can deliver computing in an efficient manner.


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We're really easy to work with. We offer a solutions and strategies in a low pressure environment. Many of our clients have us sit at the table with any technology discussion in the pipeline. You are always free to reach out to us and bounce ideas, not every discussion needs to lead to a "deal" for us.  

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