About Us

Everything You Need to Know About ColoAdvisor

  • ColoAdvisor Background Information

    Year Founded: 2007
    Headquarters: Livingston, NJ
    Regional Offices: Portland, OR
    Clients: Mid Market – Global 100


    Founded in 2007, our Co-founders had experience designing systems for Sun Microsystems, UUNet, AT&T, Cable & Wireless and IBM. Since then, ColoAdvisor has shifted many workloads for their clients. Since one size doesn’t fit all we have partnerships with over 100 software, cloud and colocation firms. We seem to have a knack for getting SaaS firms launched as well as traditional IT workloads.

    Enough about Us, How About You?

    You are dedicated to providing superior IT to your internal and external clients. You surround yourself with top talent and you are always pursuing ways of turning IT into an advantage. You realize that in 2016, a company can fall with poor online presence and IT delivery. We’d love to be your partner for the journey.

    Reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you on our contact us page.

  • Good people say good things about us

    …I found the services of Michael and his team at ColoAdvisor to be indispensable to Pronto.com when we recently launched our international site…

    Author's imageTony CassonSenior Director of Operations, Pronto.com

    Given the myriad projects and responsibilities I have…it was a blessing to have ColoAdvisor discuss our requirements in a brief conversation and provide us with viable solutions in the limited time constraints that we required…

    Mike RandallCOO, Silver State Schools Credit Union

    Ok, a Bit More About Us

    We’re passionate about automation, resiliency and scaling. We like seeing IT executives going home with fewer phone calls and texts for issues that go bump in the night. We constantly read, review and write about hybrid cloud and colocation trends. We want our clients to finally have access to computing as a true utility. By normalizing processing, RAM and storage we can deliver computing in an efficient manner.