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About Us

We feel that since the earliest times, IT departments have worked hard to balance current and future capacity while keeping costs in check along the way.

With utilities like electricity, we know can consume as much as we need with highly predicable costs. When cloud computing came along, we expected the same but unfortunately true elasticity is rarely realized.

Most firms can’t just retire applications and refactor them using modern code that would allow for true elasticity. This means that movement into the public cloud tends to increase costs which is what we had counted on. There is a silver lining- there are ways of analyzing your application and finding ways to leverage economies of scale built by other firms that excel in infrastructure.

We looked to public cloud because we couldn’t focus on improving our IT deliver while managing:

  • facilities
  • hardware
  • software licensing
  • personnel
  • security
  • monitoring
  • business continuity and DR
  • performance

Unfortunately We find that we still

  • build to peak
  • pay for software licensing
  • have long term contracts
  • pay a ton
  • receive random bills

While there’s no magic fix, we can help you understand how to make the most of your environment and what the incremental steps are to achieve that perfect DevOps centric, highly scalable, pay only for what you use, give back resources when no needed environment that you dream of.

Shirin Elkoshairi
Co-Founder & Systems Engineer