After years of consulting on the colocation and cloud computing space, we found we had an amazing database of the best connectivity options.

As we began to track the best ways to connect data centers to offices and data centers to data centers, we started to understand the best ways to connect folks based on existing network presence. It’s really easy to overlook a low cost option to connect your office or datacenter to the internet or elsewhere. Getting quotes can take a lot of time and also obligate you to many phone calls and follow up calls. Just send your needs to us and get connectivity quotes in a detailed and concise report.

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Direct Internet access

In the past, it was only a T1 line that would give you that mission critical connection you needed. Now there are a wide variety of ways to connect your data center or office to the internet. Knowing all your options is critical to making the right choice for your offices. DSL, Cable, Wifi, Mobile broad band and traditional carrier services are all viable. With the increased diversity also comes excellent failover strategies that allow all your systems to function all the time.   



Ethernet services have become a strategic advantage for organizations.  Utilizing the right carrier with the right cost effective solution allows organizations to deliver data, information, and applications securely over both LAN and WAN reliably and securely. We’ll help you determine the best Ethernet solution for your business, vet the best providers in your area, see the install through to the end, and will be your single-point-of-contact for all your Ethernet service needs.

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If your business wants more from its current network, MPLS is a highly scalable packet-switched network solution that increases traffic performance in high usage networks. MPLS assigns data packets with specific labels, thus routing data through virtual paths between nodes rather than endpoints.  You get enhanced bandwidth use, reduced network congestion and an overall better user experience.  This opens up excellent possibilities when considering VOiP and video conferencing.

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SD-WAN is becoming the mainstream choice for many organizations. Does using Internet facing circuits instead of private circuits sound intimidating? It doesn’t have to. ColoAdvisor partners with the world’s leading SD-WAN providers, and can address concerns about security, redundancy, quality of experience, and more. 

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Private Line

Private lines were once to be the best way to burn your entire telecom budget quickly. Now, they are affordable depending on circumstances. We have access to fiber maps and can usually find creative ways to connect offices and data centers without breaking the bank if other technologies don't meet your needs

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Wavelengths used to be another way to wreck an IT budget quickly. We've used them to connect data centers together at 10G speeds at costs that are surprisingly affordable. As your business looks to replicate data between 2 sites in real time, wavelengths are certainly a technology that we'll get quotes on for you.

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Dark Fiber

The best way to keep up with demand as a service provider is to provision your own fiber rather than leasing capacity from others. We have access to maps of potential dark fiber nationally to help you get your project done efficiently. We've worked with firms that needed fiber to some of the most rural areas of the US and reduced the amount of research they needed to do.

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Content Delivery Network

Keeping your applications up, secure and accessible is enough work. There's no need to build expensive infrastructure to deliver your applications to the places your end users happen to be. There are plenty of firms that have done this task already. We can find the firm that can deliver the most amount of data at the most competitive rate without sacrificing reliability or speed.

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Business Wi-Fi

Whether for your clients or employees, there’s the right way to deploy a WiFi network and there's the wrong way. Offering campus wide WiFi can give you a competitive advantage or be a security nightmare. Understand your options while avoiding all the potential technical and financial pitfalls. Speak to one of our distributed WiFi experts with no risk or obligation.


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