Bandwidth Quotes On Demand

The Best Way to Get Bandwidth Quotes is to Have Someone Else Do It For You. In the early days of the internet, having limited choices made the bandwidth selection process far easier. At Colo Advisor, We spend countless hours understanding all the connectivity options available to our clients as well compiling fiber maps which allow us to unearth interesting options. In the end, several quotes are delivered to your in-box and we work off a finders fee from the provider so this is free to you.

Why We Do It Better

We have access to data. Lot of data, fiber maps and nuanced information that you can only gather by having been in an industry for over 20 years.

connectivity options
We can drill down to understand your connectivity options

Some of the Technologies We Work With

picture of fiber DIA, connectivity quotes
Private Lines
ethernet cable connectivity quotes
MPLS connectivity
Content Delivery
Dark Fiber

Your Time Is Valuable

The Problem

You’d think that getting some bandwidth quotes would mean punching your address into a tool and getting several results sent back to you in real time.

The concern with this approach is that service providers feel that they’d be doing you a disservice if they didn’t share all the options with you. For this reason, they may insist on speaking with you before providing any quotes. This means 1-4 discussions with each vendor you engage at a minimum even if your project is placed on hold or canceled.

The Solution

Submit your requirements by filling out a form, email or by having a discussion and then allowing ColoAdvisor to proxy the connectivity quote requests out to service providers on your behalf.

How Does ColoAdvisor Work?

We follow the 3 steps below. There’s no obligation and the service is free as we are compensated by the service providers that gave us the connectivity quotes. If you make no decision, that’s ok too – you’ll probably need our services in the future.


We Gather Your Requirements

We collect your requirements in the way that’s best for you. Online, Survey, Email or Conference call.


We Search and Compile Quotes

Using our data base, engineering staff and partner network, we pull together the best options for you.


We Report Our Results to You

We’ll give you a report on our best recommendations. Totally agnostic, totally free.

We Can Gather Your Requirements Here