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When I got into the data center business back in 1999 there wasn’t much in the way of data center news  that was timely. I kept up with data center news from limited sources and bland press releases. In more recent times the news coverage has expanded nicely as data centers have become highly relevant.

In our daily business we gain knowledge about data centers globally as we assist our clients in finding facilities that best meet their needs. But this a microscopic view of cloud, colocation and managed data center providers. Having actual publications are essential for the macro view of the world of data centers.

Here are some of the publications we follow. (Full disclosure, Data Center knowledge was kind enough to publish one of our articles).

Here’s the list:

Data Center Knowledge – Data Center Focused.

GigaOM – Data Center, telecom and other tech.

The Whir – Data center and other IT related issues

Data Center Frontier – Discusses the future of data centers with an emphasis on the operators.

Data Center Dynamics – Data Center technology

Network World – General Data Center News

InfoWorld – Technology, Data Centers and Hardware

Computer World – General Data Center News

CIO – General Data Center, Cloud and Server News

(This article was originally posted on June 16th, 2010 but has been re-written almost entirely to reflect new choices now available.)

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