Working With ColoAdvisor Is Fast & Efficient – Here Are Some Case Studies to Prove it.

You’d think adding an intermediary between you and service providers would slow things down. With ColoAdvisor, this isn’t the case at all. There’s nothing better than adding a dedicated purchasing agent on your staff temporarily to find the service provider that will serve you best. Our consultants have a minimum of 18 years experience and have worked on highly complex projects involving all aspects of enterprise systems. Did we mention that we proxy all requests through us and that this is usually a free service?

We’ve chosen some Case Studies to share with you below

strategy& company logo


Strategy& was a formerly known as Booz & Company, an international consulting powerhouse with a global footprint. Prior to their acquisition by PwC, ColoAdvisor worked with Strategy& to document and consolidate their IT systems into a single outsourced hybrid cloud provider. The project entailed gathering detailed inventory of all the systems and users and running a complete RFP process which included authoring the RFP.

MotionPoint runs one of the most advanced website translation services on the planet. They allow firms to concentrate on their English language sites knowing full well that the content will be perfectly translated and replicated to their foreign language sites using human translations rather than machine. Motionpoint was looking to deploy advanced analytics software separately from their main infrastructure and called on ColoAdvisor to find the best public cloud that would allow seamless scaling up and down of their platform. 

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Distributed Colocation

Mettel offers a robust portfolio of network and unified communications services. Their infrastructure is robust and spans multiple data centers across the country. To focus on more pressing projects, Mettel tasked ColoAdvisor with locating the best facilities for their growing network with a focus on superior interconnectivity. 

Pronto needed to increase access to their content for their far east clientele and decided to bring in ColoAdvisor to help. ColoAdvisor was able to quickly layout their options for cloud computing in that region and worked through time zones to get a perfect of understanding of scope and pricing. They were able to meet their targeted launch date by using ColoAdvisor who already had an understanding of the Far East Cloud markets. 

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Far East Colocation

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Allied Dental has many branch locations that depend on access to their healthcare management application. Even small outages mean that clients and employees are losing time and money. ColoAdvisor outlined the benefits of cloud and colocation and outlined how budgets, management and reliability could be increased by using cloud. Since their placement by ColoAdvisor a few years back, they haven’t found a need to change and are very content in the mutual selection made with ColoAdvisor.

Aravo wanted to move their test lab outside of their offices where they had initially colocated their hardware. Rather than investing in their internal server room, Aravo enlisted the services of ColoAdvisor. Availability and pricing for several excellent providers in close proximity were provided in less than 48 hours. Additionally, competitive networking pricing was found to allow continued high speed connections to their application which had been previously in the same building.

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