Cloud Computing Quotes

Where to Deploy Your Application

The big dilemma for most organizations is where to deploy applications. Enterprises that currently self manage their applications feel that they are missing out with the scale of the cloud. The prospect of leaving behind all the hassles of infrastructure are just too tempting.

These hassles include:

  • Hardware purchases (and support)
  • Software licensing (and support)
  • Monitoring
  • Security
  • Backups
  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

Expectations – The Cloud

Some aspects of the cloud are painted in a manner that seemly absolves us from the hassles listed above. This is unfortunately not the case at all. The only absolution that happens is the hardware purchases aspect. Everything else is still in the hands of IT management. Not only that, but now we’ve layered the required profit margins by a 3rd party to make the effort worth their while.

Reality – The Cloud

With applications that aren’t coded with modern, born on cloud methodologies, there’s no perfect fit out there that allows unlimited, incremental scale and avoids all the hassles we referenced earlier. There are some partial solutions out there that can be discovered to shift some of the work to a 3rd party and some leveraging of economies of scale that they’ve invested in.

What we Do

Simple. We’ll help you find that happy medium. Some scale, some support, some leveraging of someone else’s infrastructure to the best extend possible. No miracles but solid IT planning and deployment. Imagine just knowing what the alternatives are when we gather cloud computing quotes from all the contenders we feel can do the job right.

We do this by accessing our knowledge base of all the private and public cloud offerings available. We’ll examine your apps and make suggestions (and gather cloud computing quotes) for the best hybrid cloud option available to you.

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