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Legacy Applications

If your application was born on cloud, then firms such as ours would probably not have much work in its future.

For the majority of us, we run software that’s vital to our business but certainly not born on cloud. Whether it’s a SaaS built organically over the years, or an application tailored to retail or manufacturing, it’s essential and not easily replaceable.

We look to the cloud to be able to manage these applications for less money while we see the expertise around managing these applications slowly retiring.

Stealing some terminology from the the 2017 AWS Invent, we find that there are 3 paths our clients can take:


The movement of systems and servers into a different infrastructure provider as is. This may offer better pricing and easier scaling but it’s generally a lateral movement.


The movement of systems and servers into a different infrastructure but utilizing some systems that offer instant scaling such as a cloud database or cloud storage.


The ground up rebuild of your application to make it cloud native.

Why Work With Us?

Working with ColoAdvisor, we can determine which path is best for you and your applications.

While we have an understanding of the technologies and the applications, there are other things that allow us to give you great benefit such as:

  • Understanding the Cloud Market Place

  • Understanding How to Move Workloads Around without a Traditional Migration..

  • 20 years of 3 tier applications, legacy ERP, legacy Operating Systems, (IBM AIX, iSeries, HP-UX, Solaris, FreeBSD) security, networking, Geographic redundancy, Disaster Recovery and Business continuity.

Whether you choose to re-host, re-platform or re-factor, ColoAdvisor is an excellent partner to work with in understanding the ramifications of any decision while being able to forecast the ROI and difficulty of each step.


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