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The Challenge in Buying Server Colocation

The purchasing interval for infrastructure for many organizations is wide. Since changing infrastructure can be painful, many organizations will not make drastic changes for as long as 7 years. In this time span, the server colocation market will drastically change. These changes may lead to making a bad purchase decision which is difficult to remedy

How Our Quote on Demand Process Works

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This no cost service is simple. Submit your requirements and we get started. We gather quotes for you and send them to your inbox. You are free to use the quotes how you want but we are also available to help you make a decision. Our staff is compromised of systems engineers who worked with the large data center providers for years. Not only we do understand the technology but we also understand pricing and margins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would you offer this service free?

We are paid a finders fee by the data center so we are happy to do referrals and add hours of consulting to the effort free of charge to you.

How do I know you will send us the best options?

We are systems engineers that worked for the large data center providers. We understand the nuances with power, bandwidth, scalability and your specific needs to make excellent recommendations. There is no requirement to follow through with a decision or to make a purchase

Do you only service large enterprise firms?

No, while we have helped with massive deployments, we’ve also helped startups find single server colocation quotes as well.

What if I don’t want to work with you by telephone or email?

We have a server colocation quote tool that can gather your specs which allows us to start the process without back and forth via email or phone.

Why ColoAdvisor?

Why Trust ColoAdvisor?

ColoAdvisor has built a database of the best colocation providers since 2007. We work with our clients during the implementation process to learn how colocation vendors implement service and how easy they are to work with. We are engineering focused and we’ve helped countless folks obtain excellent colocation services.

Additional Advantages in Working with ColoAdvisor

  • Anonymously Receive Quotes with No Commitment
  • Avoid contractual pitfalls
  • Ask our experts their opinions on the best path forward
  • Locate related services like managed backups or bandwidth
  • Proxy your requests and avoid frequent sales followup
  • Receive better colocation rates than going it alone
  • Ensure you’ve left no option un-explored
  • Ensure a perfect technical and cultural fit for your organization
  • After purchasing, we can act as your account manager if you’d like to assist with the project management for implementation and any issues that arise.
  • Locate hard to reach services such as low latency colocation, colocation in specific geographies or colocation that allows special exceptions such as roof top antennas, satellite dishes or access to residential networks.

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