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Sourcing Colocation


Why Get Help Finding Colocation Services ?

It's tricky to line up colocation vendors with the exact location, certifications and network synergies you need? Why spend lots of money connecting 2 different datacenter facilities when there maybe some facilities already direct connected at no cost to you? We spend a lot of time learning about these and other synergies that can take the colocation purchasing process from week to hours. We offer our colocation sourcing services completely free.


step 1 - we quickly gather your requirements

Our video explainer will walk you through the process but we have an excellent way of gathering your requirements extremely quickly. We will not take a ton of time from you in this process but the results are excellent and highly lauded by our past clients. 

"The information you provided and the services performed were invaluable. I was impressed with your knowledge base, recommendations, and the fact you were able to aid us both our current environment and planned expansion…. I would not hesitate to recommend you to other colleagues."
Dave Horowitz, VP, Netomat

step 2 - we send your requirements out to several good colocation candidates

We locate suitable vendors and send your requirements out to them. The important thing to note here is that we do this on your behalf and compile the results ourselves. The colocation providers deal directly with us allowing you to focus on your important day to day tasks and projects. There are many new interconnections and network synergies that aren't documented well online. With our comprehensive database we are able to quickly locate data center connections to assist you in finding the perfect facility for your servers and hardware. 

"ColoAdvisor saved me approximately 40 hours of conference calls, follow ups,  face to face meetings and email responses in the course of the engagement. I would gladly tell anyone that this is the only way a busy executive should purchase these services…”
Ed Fox, VP Network Services, Mettel
finding colocation services


we present a detailed report to you

We provide you a comprehensive report of the viable candidates, ranked and with relevant information. We'll include pricing and our suggestions on how would best serve your needs. We'll also arrange data center tours with the prospective facilities so you can see them yourself first hand. 

"Given the myriad projects and responsibilities I have…it was a blessing to have ColoAdvisor discuss our requirements in a brief conversation and provide us with viable solutions in the limited time constraints that we required…"
Mike Randall, COO, Silver State Schools Credit Union
"…I found the services of Michael and his team at ColoAdvisor to be indispensable to Pronto.com when we recently launched our international site…"
Tony Casson, Senior Director of Operations, Pronto.com


If you'd like to to bring a team of infrastructure experts on to help you with such an important decision, you've come to the right place. Please fill out the information below and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. 

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