Crypto Mining Colocation

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Crypto Mining Colocation Is Difficult to Find

Need space to put your crypto mining rigs? We can quickly pull pricing and availability from crypto mining data centers and provide you the results completely free of charge.

How We Help You Find Crypto Mining Colocation

Since 2007, we’ve been helping folks find the best data center for their needs. Finding a secure facility with strong cooling and competitive power rates are essential for those looking to invest in the mining of crypto currencies. We can find the perfect space for your crypto mining rigs anywhere on the planet.

We’ll Learn What You Need

Fill out our form with your miner rig specifications and how many you need to colocate. We’ll take this data and quickly validate your requirements.

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We Research

We will find the best rates for your mining rigs every time with quick turn around times. We maintain our own database of known crypto mining colocation facilities.


We Deliver Quotes

With no strings attached, we hand over our quotes with our recommendations. You can take the quotes and to move forward with our recommendation or not.

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Compare Processes

The Typical Process

  • Search online for Data centers in your area
  • Make phone calls, fill out web forms
  • Leave voicemails, have your form ignore
  • Get Follow Up Calls each wanting to schedule an appointment
  • Have appointment with someone who cannot quote you pricing
  • Have appointment with someone who CAN quote you pricing
  • WAIT
  • Get Quote
  • Negotiate Pricing and Terms
  • Sign a Contract

The ColoAdvisor Process

  • Give us Your Specs
  • Receive Multiple Quotes
  • Sign A Contract
  • Ship Your Hardware

Get the Colocation Buyers Guide

Our colocation buyers guide is tailored for enterprise colocation, but many of the strategies in our guide can help you find a perfect data center to ship your mining rigs to. Avoid getting burned by downloading our Colocation Buyers Guide.

Crypto Mining Colocation Quotes

Please give us your specifications and we’ll get quotes to you very quickly.