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Why Use Bare Metal Cloud?

Sometimes you need more control over your servers that cannot be given in traditional cloud environments. Bare Metal gives you full access to the hardware layer, even to the point of allowing you to install your own hypervisor. Basically, build your own cloud on someone else’s hardware is a great way to describe Bare Metal.

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How ColoAdvisor Helps find Bare Metal Cloud

We help firms find the Bare Metal for their applications. We maintain the worlds most detailed database of Bare Metal Providers. We share this data with our clients at no cost.

We’ll Learn What You Need

We have a painless way to gather your requirements. Rather than giving your requirements to every potential vendor, just give them to us.

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We Research

We will find the best fit for your private cloud needs every time. Even with unusual requirements or legacy systems, we usually have a solution.


We Deliver Proposals

With no strings attached, we hand over quotes and proposals with recommendations and strategy. There is no obligation to make a decision.

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Bare Metal Cloud Advantages

Higher Flexibility

Unique applications, operating systems, and hypervisors can be run in on Bare Metal since the servers are dedicated to your use.


You can federate Bare Metal Clouds from your on-premise data center or other private clouds using VMware and other hypervisors.

Cost Predictability

Since you have control over the number of servers you require, your billing is highly predictable with great scaling.

Should you be using Bare Metal Cloud?

Bare Metal is a great option for many firms. It abstracts IT departments from the hardware and datacenter aspects of infrastructure. You are given full access to the servers and can choose the ISO image file of your choose. This ISO can be an operating system or a hypervisor. If you need a customized solution, run legacy software, or need massive amounts of processing or RAM, Bare Metal Cloud maybe what you need. You can almost consider it managed colocation + hardware. We go into some details of Bare Metal in our video titled, Is Virtualization Needed for Cloud?

It's Flexible. Install Any Application

It’s Flexible. Install Any Application

So long as your application is geared for x86 architecture, you can install your software and be up and running without the need to manage network, servers, and datacenter space. You are simply given login credentials to your machines and you can begin choose the ISO image of your choose.

Control Your Costs

Control Your Costs

While public cloud environments can scale up and down, Bare Metal is highly predictable as it scales one full server at a time. While this may cause a single server of excess capacity, there’s no way to increase your cost without adding a full physical server.

Build your Own Hypervisor

Build your Own Hypervisor

You can use Bare Metal to offload the responsibility of hardware, network, and data center to build your own private cloud on any hypervisor or OS. This could be advantageous to gaming platforms, SaaS providers, and firms running legacy applications that are x86 based.

Check Out Our Video Library

Not ready for our help just yet? That’s ok! You can learn more about your options by watching our VLOG series where we cover cloud computing and the business impacts that it will have. Our videos focus on the business implications of cloud computing.

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