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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service used to entail a doubling of your IT infrastructure spend. With very little sophistication in DR services, most providers would simply replicate the environment in its entirety and double the overall price of the service. Luckily, things have gotten better.

How ColoAdvisor Helps Find Disaster Recovery as a Service

ColoAdvisor maintains a massive database of Disaster Recovery as a Service Providers also known as DRaaS. We document capabilities and we track our clients installations into each DRaaS provider to bring you the best options based on your specific applications.

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Only once! We have a painless way to gather this data. Rather than giving your requirements to every potential vendor, just give them to us.

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We will find the best fit for your Disaster Recovery Needs every time. Even with unusual requirements or legacy systems, we can always help.


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With no strings attached, we hand over our quotes and proposals with recommendations and strategy. There is no obligation to make a decision.

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Popular Disaster Recovery as a Service Platforms


Veeam is one of the leading DR and replication software options out there. There are many Veeam certified DRaaS service providers that can take your Veeam enabled environments and replicate them in a different datacenter with ease.


Zerto is another excellent method of providing Disaster Recovery. Zerto has a unique ability to copy entire virtual machine instances to far away places without the need to modify the VM instance in order to run it from a different network.

Custom Solutions

There are many solutions which use technologies built into hardware such as SAN solutions or into Hypervisors like VMWare. These are usually put to use with larger deployments. Many IaaS vendors offer custom solutions.

Here are some advantages to using Disaster Recovery as a Service

It’s not difficult for an Infrastructure as a Service provider to license and add pooled hardware for a subset of clients. They typically have massive economies of scale and are able offer a comprehensive DR strategy for little cost.

Replicate and Halt

Replicate and Halt

Cloud fees are charged by the hour. If you replicate an VM and leave it running, your monthly bill will reflect 730 hours of usage. With DRaaS providers, they are able to replicate data and halt the instance which means computing resources are used far less. Clients are only billed 730 hours if the site fully fails over to the DR site for a long period of time.

Portability in Networks

Portability in Networks

Many DRaaS providers can shift inbound traffic to the DR site with little interruption. This historically required very advanced and expensive global load balancing hardware. DR instances can be quickly turned on, and network traffic can flow to it within minutes of the primary site going down at a fraction of the cost of running 2 hot sites.

Fully Managed

Fully Managed

Some DRaaS firms can implement a complete DR solution in a short period of time thanks to modern software and virtual machines. Not only does this help with uptime, it can be another method to combat ransomware and cyber attacks. Many DRaaS providers can offer remote backups which offer a small level of DR at a very competitive rate.

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