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You’ve built your private cloud because you needed your own economy of scale. You may have the space and the servers but do you have the staff, systems, processes, and monitoring infrastructure to do this on your own? Consider Managed Private Cloud Services.

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ColoAdvisor has the worlds largest database of Managed Private Cloud Service Providers who can step in and build and manage a private cloud or manage an existing private cloud.

We’ll Learn What You Need

We spend some time understanding your environment. We have a painless way to gather this data. Rather than giving your requirements to every potential vendor, just give them to us.

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We will find the perfect partner to manage your private cloud infrastructure or colocation footprint regardless of where its hosted. We’ve been success at this since our inception in 2007.


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With no strings attached, we hand over our quotes, research and proposals with recommendations and strategy. There is no obligation to make a decision with ColoAdvisor ever.

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Should you be using a Managed Private Cloud Service Provider?

Public cloud is a great option for many firms. It offers excellent integration, a healthy partner ecosystem, and millions of trained engineers who are certified. Here are some issues we’ve seen in when using public cloud which we outlined in video called the disadvantages of cloud computing.

You have large storage requirements

You Have Large Storage Requirements

Public Cloud has its limitations. The average cost of storage is about $ .06 – $.20 per GB per month. If you store a Petabyte at $ .08 per GB, your storage costs will be about $80,000 monthly. So you may need your own private cloud to scale but you may not have the staff and support infrastructure to manage it.

Your have legacy hardware or Operating System

Your Have Legacy Hardware or Operating Systems

Older operating systems such VAX/VMS, IBM iSeries/pSeries, Solaris on Spark, DEC Alpha on OpenVMS or True64, PDP running RS-11M, RT11, RSTS and HP3000 running MPE/iX 7.5 aren’t widely supported. It maybe possible to emulate this solution and have a 3rd party manage it on your behalf. .

You develop but you have no operations

You Develop but You Have No Operations

While DevOps is a paradigm shift, it really works better with modern code. If you are light in operations head count, managing your own infrastructure may prove to be difficult. Managing, patching, trouble ticketing, monitoring, and break/fix can take applications down for days resulting in major loses.

Check Out Our Video Library

Not ready for our help just yet? That’s ok! You can learn more about your options by watching our VLOG series where we cover cloud computing and the business impacts that it will have. Our videos focus on the business implications of cloud computing.

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