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Time to Market is Critical

If you need large amounts of contiguous wholesale colocation space, the options aren’t obvious. We track wholesale data center space globally and can refer you to the best facilities that best fit your requirements.

How ColoAdvisor Helps with Wholesale Colocation

Massive computing needs massive wholesale colocation space. We can locate space that matches what you need quickly. Availability, cost, scalability, and specifications are things we track globally.

We’ll Learn What You Need

We have a painless way to gather this data. Rather than giving your requirements to every potential vendor, just give them to us one time.

Requirement Analysis

We Research

We will find the best fit for your needs every time. Even with unusual requirements or multiple locations we are able to provide fast pricing.


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With no strings attached, we hand over our quotes with our recommendations. You can take the quotes and decide to not move forward if you’d like.

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What Are Your Options for Wholesale Colocation Datacenter Space?

Powered Shells

Powered data center shells allow tenants to build out exactly what they need with full control of how redundancy and cooling are configured. This generally consists of a hardened building with multiple megawatts of power that can be configured with the redundancy, cooling, and configuration of your choosing.

Container Based Data Centers

Container data centers are utilize shipping containers with racks, cooling, and power distribution built to your specifications. Drop the container off to any site that can offer power, water, and bandwidth and your data center is live.

Move In Ready

Move in ready data centers are complete, ready to populate data centers that are configured with power, cooling, cabinets, network, and security that allow the leasing of space with multiple megawatts of power. Similar to retail colocation but with the allowance of larger purchased space.

Edge Computing Data Centers

Edge computing allows delivery of data when responsiveness to end users is essential. These are data centers that reside closer to residential and mobile networks where consumers are located.

Build to Suit

The is the ground up construction of a data center. While time and capital intensive, this allows for complete control of all aspects of the build for a long term deployment.

Purchase Existing Data Centers

At times, data centers will go on the market or current owners of data centers will seek a owner lease back of their own facility to push from capital spending to operational spend.

Get the Colocation Buyers Guide

Not ready for our help just yet? That’s ok! You can avoid getting burned by downloading our Colocation Buyers Guide. While more tailored to retail colocation, it’s still helpful for those seeking wholesale colocation. It breaks out what you need to look out for and how to avoid making mistakes in purchasing.

Wholesale Data Center Space

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