Cloud, Colocation Quotes


The to-do list for most IT executives isn’t getting shorter. One of the most prolonged engagements that IT executives encounter is the sourcing of services. When you source services, you cannot request pricing in a single email or discussion. Usually the discussion for cloud or colocation services will go like this:

  • Requirements are gathered internally

  • Requirements are documented

  • Seeking potential service providers

  • Sending requirements

  • Initial Phone discussion with the service provider to get a general idea of your requirements

  • A second call is generally setup to get even greater detail.

  • After a period of waiting, a quote would be provided to you. It may or may not reflect your exact needs based on the quality of the earlier calls.

  • A period of back and forth in fine tuning the solution and pricing.

  • Final pricing delivered.

Repeat all those steps for each vendor you’d like a quote from.

There are many advantages to having a firm like ColoAdvisor gather quotes for you:

  • Anonymously Receive Quotes with No Commitment

  • Skip all the steps above.

ColoAdvisor receives a finders fee for their effort if and when you ultimately choose a service provider. For this reason, we are able to perform this service free of charge.


a Brief overview of our cloud and colocation quote service