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HIPAA Compliant SaaS Consulting

We're Experts in HIPAA Complaint IT Workloads

ColoAdvisor Enables HIPAA and HITECH Compliance for SaaS Providers


We'll find HIPAA Compliant Cloud for your Application.

It's more than just trying to find you a HIPAA compliant cloud. If your application scales differently than the cloud provider you choose, you'll start receiving bills that will send you running for the hills. Whether your are launching a new application with modern code or looking to move an existing application to a new service provider, we can help. 

Additionally, we'll ensure that we choose a HIPAA compliant platform that not only signs a BAA with you, but offers robust security and stability. We've been sourcing solutions for mission critical applications since 2007.

Here's what the process looks like:


HIPAA SaaS Flowchart.png

Our Deliverable: A concise report on all your cloud options, costs and benefits with a agnostic ranking of each provider. 

Cost: Free

HIPAA Readiness Assessment 

HIPAA and HITECH compliance aren't clearly spelled out anywhere. Want to know if your application could be HIPAA compliant? We are able to assess your application and give you an understanding of the changes needed to relaunch as a HIPAA compliant application. 

We've found that even non-medical applications can benefit from being HIPAA compliant. For instance, an application that serves the legal industry could benefit from being able to store case work that involves medical data. 

HIPAA Gap Analysis.png

Our Deliverable: A concise gap analysis report and presentation. 

Cost: Project Based

HIPAA Security Rule Compliance Audit

If your application operates outside of a 3rd party HIPAA compliant environment, we can audit your environment to ensure adherence to all the HIPAA compliance rules. This audit would cover technical, implemented and procedural aspects to ensure security, peace of mind and sellability . 

Cost: Project Based

We have a very transparent and performance driven culture at ColoAdvisor. We believe that if we cannot help you then it's our duty to inform you of this. You can schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs anytime.