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While these services make up a comprehensive offering, not all firms need these 3 services. In some cases we are engaged only to assess or only to source. We will gladly de-couple any of the services listed below



As the old saying goes, "you cannot manage what you can't measure" which leads us to an in-depth documentation and analysis phase. We'll understand every aspect of the application you seek to launch or migrate. In our analysis we'll uncover the critical information needed to make the most strategic choices for your application being hosted. 

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There are so many paths to hosting these days. A solid  strategy can quickly give you scale, resiliency and performance without destroying a budget. Whether we go with a public cloud or  or if we do a hybrid cloud which has on premise and public cloud components for bursting is entirely up to the application architecture, budgets and your goals.

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deploy or Source

We can migrate your application or source your vendors for you. Having an understanding of your marketplace choices is something that costs IT organizations months or research which can be reduced to days or weeks based with our experience with many cloud and colocation providers. We have advanced capabilities in migrations that will save countless hours.