IT Infrastructure Consulting Services

IT Infrastructure Consulting

The Dilemma

In the early days, there were many choices for what we called web hosting. Most providers offered shared and dedicated server hosting but with virtualization, public and private cloud being available abundantly, the need for IT Infrastructure Consulting is more important than ever.

For startups building apps from scratch, there are frameworks which allow them to build highly scalable and elastic applications that fit in various public clouds.

For the Enterprise and those running legacy applications, the path to getting an economy of scale outside of your own datacenter isn’t as clear.

Receive clarity around the Infrastructure that confront IT executives such as:

  • Should you continue with your current Infrastructure
  • If you are running your own data center, will public cloud actually reduce costs and increase efficiency?
  • What is the breakpoint where the public cloud actually starts getting more expensive than your own data center?
  • What is the breakpoint where you should take your internal systems into the cloud?
  • Why has your public cloud gotten so expensive?
  • With the elasticity of the cloud, why are we paying for infrastructure that isn’t being 100% utilized
  • Do we look into the large investment to refactor our application because the costs have gotten out of hand?
  • Understand what other IT executives our doing from our infrastructure consulting practice experts.

Our Approach for Infrastructure Consulting

Along with assisting countless firms with their infrastructure needs over the years, we do continual research in this space as we try to fit modern day management frameworks such as ITIL v4 into the modern day infrastructure we see in the marketplace.

While your team knows your application best, we understand the cloud and colocation market best. With this knowledge combined, rest assured we’ll help you reach the right decision. Fill out the form on this page to have a conversation around our IT infrastructure consulting practice. You can also schedule time to speak to a consultant here.