Managed Security Services

Store Closed Disaster

27.5% of Incidents Investigated Involved Ransomware*

You don’t need to be the next online marvel to be a target of attack. Your business only needs to exist and have online access to be a victim of cyber security attack. * M-Trends 2021 Report by Fireeye Mandiant

Cyber Security is a threat to All

What started out as a website defacements for a prank or political message has evolved into a lucrative commercial enterprise for many global actors.

You need not be the next online marvel that provides ride sharing services or the like. Even small businesses that just use email are at risk for cyber security attacks.

How Do You Secure Your Business Immediately without Breaking the Bank?

Strive for the most mature security posture possible in the shortest time possible. You’ll find is that there’s no silver bullet and that numerous layers and continuous auditing, scanning, and tests are required to stay ahead of cyber criminals who stand to make a fortune off the hardship of your business.


Who is ColoAdvisor?

For years, ColoAdvisor mapped datacenter and cloud vendors globally. In an effort to secure clients workloads, we documented complementary security services too. We understand what security services vendors work best based on these metrics:

  • company size
  • the existing security already implemented
  • the existing security expertise in-house
  • required levels of compliances and industry specific certifications needed

Why ColoAdvisor?

Rather than navigating the enormous list of potential vendors on your own, engage us. We can guide you to the proper security services for your needs.

How Does This Work?

The last thing you need is someone to slow down the process finding the right Managed Security Services Partner. In a perfect world you’d find the exact fit quickly and with no regrets after implementation.

Since we are paid a finders fee for bringing clients to service providers, this service is completely free to our clients.

We Assess

We’ll understand your present and future requirements for security services. We have a great way of highlighting what security is already in place for potential vendors to consider integrating rather than throwing away past investments. This results in us drafting a detailed requirements document that you can use your for your own research as well.

We Interview Security Providers

We interview vendors we feel maybe the best fit. There’s really no limit on how many vendors we can contact.

We Normalize Proposals

After sharing our requirements document, It’s important the the scope of each proposal we receive be as identical as possible. Seeing a lower quote on one proposal without understanding that it’s missing a vital component can ruin a budget quickly. Once we’ve assessed (and normalized) each quote, we present them to you.

Arrange Demonstrations / Proof of Concepts

We recommend attending a demonstration of the capabilities of our security partners. In some cases, a proof of concept or a trial period can be arranged.

We’re Engaged Through Implementation

Once you’ve chosen a vendor, we can assist with any contract details and assist in the onboarding process. There is NO obligation to sign a contract by using our service. You can stop this process at anytime with no obligation.


The goal is not to sell our clients anything but to ensure that every potential issue, bottleneck, and incompatibility is brought to light before signing a contract with a vendor.

Discuss Security Requirements


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