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Cloud & Colocation Quotes

A quick video about our cloud and colocation quotes service

The to-do list for most IT executives isn’t getting shorter. One of the most prolonged engagements that IT executives find themselves part in is the sourcing of services. When you source complex services, you cannot simply request pricing in a single email or discussion. Usually the discussion for cloud or colocation services will go like this:

  1. Requirements gathering internally

  2. Documenting requirements

  3. Researching potential service providers

  4. Sending requirements

  5. Initial Phone discussion with the service provider to get a general of your requirements

  6. A second call is generally setup to get even greater detail, usually enlisting the help of an engineer at the service provider.

  7. After a period of waiting, a quote would be provided to you. It may or may not reflect your exact needs based on the quality of the earlier calls.

  8. A period of back and forth in fine tuning the solution and pricing.

  9. Final pricing delivered.

  10. Repeat steps 1-9 for each vendor you’d like a quote from.

There are many advantages to having a firm like ColoAdvisor gather quotes for you:

  • Anonymously Receive Quotes with No Commitment

  • Skip steps 1-10 above.

ColoAdvisor receives a finders fee for their effort if and when you ultimately choose a service provider. For this reason, we are able to perform this service free of charge.


Vendor Management & Sourcing

Sourcing IT services or running an RFP process from start to finish is a major project for IT organizations. These projects can sometimes take you away from your current mission and cause delays in other critical projects.

We offer a flexible RFP process management engagement where we can do 1 item or all the items in the list below:

  1. Gather requirements from application managers and various departments

  2. Prepare a comprehensive RFP with diagrams for internal approval.

  3. Prepare a comprehensive list of vendors that would be qualified to response to the RFP

  4. Distribute the RFP and field vendor meetings to answer any questions about the RFP as needed

  5. Gather RFP responses and devise a rubric for determining the quality of the vendor’s offering

  6. Participate in the vendor interview and selection process.

We are completely fine with doing just 1 aspect of the above listed items. In many cases, we’ve created very detailed RFP’s that forced vendors to reply in a manner that gave our client actionable and meaning full data that was consistent among vendors.


Assessments & Audits

Before making any important decisions about moving your infrastructure, it’s critical to have a proper understanding of all aspects of the environment including:

  • network

  • hardware

  • software

  • external connections

With a proper auditing and documentation of all your systems, you are freed to properly craft an RFP, search for a new vendor or look into the possibility of re-hosting, re-platforming or refactoring your applications. Auditing internal systems can be done in an automated fashion but this doesn’t give an accurate understanding of systems that maybe outsourced with 3rd party hosting companies.

We have developed precise methods to gather and present information quickly even if it means calling multiple external vendors and interviewing them to receive concise data. This service can be incorporated into other services we offer as well.