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In Many Cases, Your Application Wasn’t Developed with The Cloud In Mind

As IT executives, we’d all like our applications to function like the diagram above. We all want a secure, redundant environment where we pay for only the resources we use at that time. When our usage drops, we’d like to give back resources as to reduce our spend.

We have a rant about this, Why The Cloud Has Failed Us.


Make the Cloud Work For You


I see a common goal across enterprises of migrating applications to the cloud. This is due to cost and hassle of of managing facilities, hardware, software licensing, personnel, security, depreciation, monitoring, backups, disaster recovery, performance and up-time with ever shrinking resources and budgets.

Pushing the responsibility of infrastructure outside of IT departments globally and purchasing compute as a utility has been a siren song that cannot be silenced.

If your application is born on cloud, it’s a beautiful thing. You can implement a DevOps strategy and grow and shrink your environment with micro-services as needed. These elastic environments were made just for you and you wonder how folks did it efficiently before.

Our clients don’t always have apps that are born on cloud. While the their applications are stable and important, they don’t exactly fit into just any cloud.

Many of our clients don’t have the luxury of having their main applications born on cloud. While the their applications are stable and important, they don’t exactly fit into just any cloud.

That’s where ColoAdvisor comes in. We’ve worked with legacy applications for our entire history. We grew up in the world of AS400/iSeries, Solaris, HP-UX, JDEdwards, SAP, Client-Server, Citrix Metaframe and 3 tier architecture. Owners of these applications would like to get the economies of scale that cloud can offer but haven’t been able to find how this is exactly done.

With these types of applications, there are no one size fits all cloud. It takes a understanding of not only the applications involved but the marketplace of cloud providers available. While the big 3 cloud providers are good homes in most cases but there are specialized facilities that you’ve never heard of that scale in a manner that comports with your application better.


Shirin Elkoshairi
Co-founder & Systems Engineer


When we started out in 2007, our simple put together mantra developer in the basement of one of our co-founders was “A Home For your Apps”, while that mantra didn’t stick with our marketing folks, it is pivotal to what we do every day.