The Definitive Guide To Portland Colocation

We’ve been finding data centers for our clients since 2007. whether is was a spreadsheet, a sheet of paper or even our homegrown filemaker database, we made sure everything we learned ended up in our new database. we track data centers globally and can tell you about data centers that don’t show up in most online databases. the list below contains the more enterprise data centers but if you’d like something else, talk to us or fill out the form below.



ColoHouse is a local provider that isn't a household brand name but it doesn't take away from solid mission critical specs they offer. 

Our take. They offer a mission critical colocation and are also SSAE 16 audited annually. They offer flexible colocation options and have a good variety of carriers in their 2 facilities. They do not offer cloud or managed services and have chosen to focus on colocation.

9610 SW Sunshine Ct, Beaverton, OR 97005.


Known for giving you access to the Edge of the internet and close to where your clients live they solve many network issues for our clients. They’ve created an interesting ecosystem of building near residential and internet edges for delivery of your data to end users with great speeds. While doing this, they’ve taken no shortcuts in their redundancy, certifications and ability to go ultra high density in their spaces. 

23245 NW Evergreen Parkway, Bldg C, Suite C300, Hillsboro, OR 97124.

Century Link

Century Linkoffers colocation facilities that are well connected to their global backbone. 

Our take. Enterprise grade colocation and mission critical in all aspects. May not be a perfect fit for nimble and fast paced Portland startups due to their size and processes. 

1335 NW Northrup Street, Portland, OR 97209
707 SW Washington Avenue  Portland, OR 97205.


DirectSpace is a nice walkable distance from Pioneer Square in about 8 minutes. Located in the PDXNAP, DirectSpace offers colocation and dedicated servers. They stress the quality of their network with its fast throughput to enable application success and are able to support the following technologies:

•colocation services
•dedicated services
•Servers on KVM and OpenVZ

We love the free, unlimited transfer between their facilities. While they can only do this between Portland and LA it's still pretty cool. We like how they list pricing right on their website for a nice transparent approach to new clients. a full rack can be had for around $800 all within an 8 minute walk from Pioneer Square. We noticed they didn't have certifications listed on their website but there maybe some there we don't know about. 

921 SW Washington St, Suite 325,  Portland Oregon, 97205

Greenhouse Data

Greenhouse uses 100% wind power to deliver Cloud and Colocation solutions to their clients. They have an enterprise grade cloud solution  built on VMWare. They are HIPAA compliant and offer 3 locations for colocation across the country. Their website is one of the easiest to navigate which allows you to quickly understand what your options are.

9705 SW Sunshine Ct, Beaverton, OR 97005.QTS


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