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Get Competing Data Center Quotes

Get Competing Data Center Quotes from the Best Colocation Providers

Say Good Bye To Multiple Calls To Get A Single Colocation Proposal for the facilities in Portland and the surrounding areas.

Which Process is Better?

The Typical Process

  • Search online for Data centers in your area
  • Make phone calls, fill out web forms
  • Leave voicemails, have your form ignored
  • Get Follow Up Calls wanting to schedule an appointment
  • Have appointment with someone who cannot quote you pricing
  • Have appointment with someone who CAN quote you pricing
  • WAIT
  • Get Quote
  • Negotiate Pricing and Terms
  • Sign a Contract

The ColoAdvisor Process

  • Give us Your Specs
  • Receive Multiple Quotes
  • Take A Tour
  • Sign A Contract

We Can Help You Find Colocation in Portland

Compatibilities in geography, cost, and technology with your existing IT assets are important to you. We can find the perfect space for your IT infrastructure anywhere on the planet. We can match your hardware to the facilities with the proper power densities and ensure you aren’t paying for high density space that you won’t use or pay less for low density space where you have to purchase more than you need to fit your hardware. You can check out our article about matching power densities here.

We’ll Learn What You Need

Only once! We have a painless way to gather this data. Rather than giving your requirements to every potential vendor, just give them to us.

notes on hillsboro colocation in a notebook on a table

We Research

We will find the best fit for your needs every time. Even with unusual requirements or multiple locations we are able to provide fast pricing.


We Deliver Quotes

With no strings attached, we hand over our quotes with our recommendations. You can take the quotes and decide to not move forward if you’d like.

presenting hillsboro colocation options to clients in a meeting

You Can Also Locate Portland Colocation Using Our List

Use our handy list of Hillsboro Data centers to determine what facility is best for your organization. We recommend you download our free Colocation Buyers Guide to ensure you have the tools needed to avoid technical mismatches and to negotiate the best pricing possible. We wrote this buyer guide because the time intervals between major infrastructure decisions are so wide, it’s hard for technology professionals to understand the changes that have occurred between the long intervals. We are also including some results from Hillsboro and other Oregon based locations on this page.

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