Portland Colocation The Definitive Guide

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Start your Portland Colocation Project with our Guide

Use our handy list of Portland Data centers to determine what facility is best for your organization. We also have a Colocation Buyers Guide that ensures you have the tools needed to negotiate the best pricing and terms possible.

We also have an automated quote gathering tool to make getting quotes way easier


Your Portland colocation options are excellent as Portland is becoming a West Coast technology hub similar to other tech hotspots around the country. The downtown options aren’t super plentiful so if you need something in the city, check out Atmosera. For out of town options, check out the facilities listed in Hillsborough down below which aren’t too far away from down town Portland. If you are from out of town, fly into PDX and you can easily get to the downtown facilities with ride shares but a car maybe handy for Hillsboro and Beaverton.

How To Use This Guide

Check out the options you have below. If you find something you like, reach out to the data center provider directly armed with our Colocation Buyers Guide so you can negotiate better terms for your service. Also, we are available to help gather quotes on your behalf at no charge. We consider ourselves the authority on Portland colocation because it’s where our west coast headquarters is located. If this interests you, start by entering your requirements into our automated tool which kicks off the process automatically.

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