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Private Cloud or On Premise Security

Whether you have a private cloud with a provider or on an on premise private cloud. We can help you find the best Private Cloud Security Services for your environment,

How ColoAdvisor Helps with Private Cloud Security

If you need SIEM, XDR, and protection against ransomeware, look no farther. We’ve compiled the most comprehensive database of private cloud security services will help. We’ll understand your requirements and match your needs right away at no cost to you.

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We will find the best fit for your security cloud needs every time. Even with unusual requirements or legacy systems, we can always help.


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A Partial List of Private Cloud Security Services


SIEM is Security Incident and Event Monitoring. This is the real aggregation and real time analysis of events throughout your infrastructure which allow for quick alerting to potential issues. This is usually performed by a Security Operations Center which is a very difficult facility to build within a regular enterprise.


Extended Detection and Response is the collection, correlation, and response to security issues across many security layers. This is no longer only applicable to network devices or end users but all aspects of IT assets including workstations, servers and network devices.

Phishing Training

An on-going training designed to teach employees how to analyze emails to avoid being engineering into accidentally installing malware or acting on spoofed information. This has been proven effective only when it’s on-going with real world tests and subsequent training.

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is the detection and prevention of data leaving corporate assets. The devastation to reputation and the legal liabilities of allowing critical data outside of a firms network is growing each year. 

Vulnerability Scanning

This high level testing is automated testing that looks for areas of weakness in a system. Typically misconfigured assets or items that are in need of patching or updates are detected during this process.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing employs the skills of a hacker to thoroughly attempt to try to find and exploit weaknesses in your system. This is not a simulation and is done with the intent of gaining access.

Should You Private Cloud Security?

The quick answer is yes. It’s very difficult for firms to build and staff a Security Operations Center to accurately detect and block cyber security attacks. Generally in the event of a breach, only the most qualified experts should be near the infrastructure for forensics and recover of data.

Building a SOC is Difficult

Building a SOC is Difficult

Implementing monitoring systems and tools is difficult. The tools are expensive, specialized and can be extreme noisy. 24 hour shifts of security specialists do not come cheap either, it’s best to allow a specialist to handle this for you and protect your assets.

Security is No Longer Done With Only Heuristics

Security is No Longer Done with Only Heuristics

Leading providers combine heuristic and signature data along with AI to thwart cyber security attacks. The use of AI allows for the detection of unusual behavior which is something that can never be captured in an attack signature database.

Security Talent is Expensive

Security Talent Is Expensive

Specialize security firms are able to more easily recruit and train talent than the typical enterprise which may not devote the resources and support to a fledgling IT Security department. Security talent recognizes this.

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