Public Cloud Managed Security Service Providers

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Why Use an MSSP for Public Cloud Security?

Setting up a Security Operations Center (SOC) is challenging even for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP). This is why we recommend using an MSSP for Public Cloud Security in all cases. Filtering the constant noise of false alerts and responding to incidents is usually too much for any internal organization.

How ColoAdvisor Helps Ensure Public Cloud Security

We document the Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) ecosystem of major cloud providers. Try searching for “security” in the AWS ecosystem and you’ll find 2000+ results. We can help you find the perfect security partner in any ecosystem that can secure your cloud infrastructure as an extension of your own team. They are able to offer XDR, SIEM, Managed Networks, and other key security services.

We’ll Learn What You Need

Give us your requirements once. We have a painless way to gather this data. Rather than giving your requirements to every potential vendor, we can manage the vetting and procurement process for you.

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We Research

We research the vast security partner ecosystems of major cloud providers. We understand the economy of scale they can bring to your systems while passing their expertise and savings on.


We Deliver Proposals

With no strings attached, we hand over proposals we receive from Managed Security Service Providers that are a best fit for your cloud deployment with no obligation to make a decision.

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What Benefits Do Public Cloud Security MSSPs Offer?

They Offer Great Economies of Scale

MSSPs spend millions in automating, staffing, and developing strategies for their SOC and security offerings. . Licensing and integrating just the software stack can easily exceed an IT budget for an entire quarter if it’s being built from scratch. Using an MSSP allows anyone to have access to a SOC without the costly build out. Think of it as buying a seat on a commercial airline vs. buying a private jet.

They Are Experts

Managed Service Providers who achieve an official partnership with a public cloud provider have to prove they have the in-house expertise to properly manage workloads. By working with a variety of clients, they see a multitude of issues and experience more in one day than some enterprises experience in a month. This allows them to become extremely proficient in maintaining and troubleshooting cloud instances.

They are Already Integrated

3rd parties can collaborate securely to manage your applications by being partnered with the public cloud. It’s no longer a long, drawn out process to figure out how to give 3rd party access without losing control or violating internal security guidelines. Just as easy as giving access, this access can be quickly removed when your relationship ends. Being a gold or platinum level parter with any public cloud is no small feat.

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