How Does the Colocation / Cloud Quoting Process Work?

We typical have 2 methods that we use. The simple path is ideal for colocation and simple cloud quotes. The Not Simple Path is better for complex cloud or enterprise architectures. If you'd prefer to speak to a live human and walk through everything we're available from 9am - 6pm ET during the work week. Just give us a call at +1-877-218-1820

Choose Option 1 or 2 Below to Get the Process Started. If you don't want to fill out forms feel free to just call us at +1-877-218-1820 or email at


A quick video with an overview of how this service works


Option 1: Get Quotes for Colocation Services

Fill Out this Form, if you are able to answer all the questions in this form we should be able to give you 4 quotes within 4 days, again there's no obligation. If your requirements are a bit complicated we may ask for a brief phone meeting to clarify some of the points. 

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Option 2: Get Quotes for Cloud Services

We find in this case its just easier to chat about your requirements. Take the time to meet with us and we'll be sure that the person you connect with is an engineer who understands the business and technical aspects of complex enterprise systems. 

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