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Receiving RFP Responses that give no clear path forward? 

datacenter rfp writing services

the problem with most RFPs and rfp responses

We've seen many firms issue RFPs that result in a mixed bag of prices from the prospective vendors. Vendors need clear direction on the exact scope of your project to really give a solid proposal with pricing. Having someone like ColoAdvisor craft this RFP means that we understand cloud and colocation costing models and so we can ensure actionable RFP results. 

In addition to writing the RFP, managing and compiling the vendor responses is normally time consuming and difficult.

our solution to crafting a good rfp

Some of our staff used to work for colocation and hosting providers doing the work of answering RFP's and creating proposal responses. After years of practice, they began to understand what makes a good RFP. Here are some of the safe guards we ensure all our RFP's have:

  • Forcing vendors to respond with like services (scope matching)
  • Creating RFP's that force unit pricing to allow proper comparison
  • Creating RFP's that clearly define scope and force strict replies to the requested scope

want a quote for a custom rfp written specifically for your project? 

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