Vendor Management & RFP Writing Services


RFP Creation

Have you ever issued an RFP where the responses lead to more questions than answers?

We have a team of former engineers that were the ones responsible for answering RFPs for years. They know exactly what to ask and how to ensure like quotes from all the vendors in an RFP process. Get these guys on your team to draft an RFP that really moves your project ahead.

Our RFP writing service includes writing organic, thoughtful RFP content with no boilerplate material. If you want better results with your RFP efforts, reach out to us.

RFP Process Management

Running the entire RFP process with vendor conferences, collecting and reviewing the results can be too much for an already overworked team. With a single ColoAdvisor specialist, the process can be run very efficiently at a fixed cost with excellent results.

If your requirements involve legacy systems, great! It’s where we started and we understand most applications and the solutions providers well.

Cloud Service Provider Vendor Contract Specialist

Having our engineers come from cloud and hosting providers in their recent past, we know how to help our clients with the following:

  • renegotiating contract renewals (we know market pricing)

  • cancelling contracts due to business change

  • negotiating improper billing overages

Assessments & Audits

Before crafting an RFP or speaking to any vendor about the cloud, it’s important to have a handle on all your assets. Hardware, Network, Software, Backups, Disaster Recovery and external partners need to be well documented visually.

We have a proven methodology developed in-house for quickly pulling together data from any source. Those sources can be personnel, spreadsheets and legacy databases which will give us a clear picture of your systems and how they work. Review one of more case studies with an assessment specialist today. You can schedule a consultation anytime.


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