A Summary of Everything We Do

ColoAdvisor is a big believer of leveraging economies of scale built by others. If you’d like to deploy into the cloud with confidence you should talk to one of advisors first before making any decisions. We have a listing of all the services we offer below.

  • Source

    We offer 3 important sourcing services. Whether you’d like discrete colocation quotes or you want to figure out what the cloud will cost we can definitely help. We also offer an RFP writing service that will force vendors to delivery proposals that are in-scope.

  • We offer 3 services to help you source cloud, colocation and managed services.

    Cloud Computing Quotes

    Cloud computing is NOT one size fits all. This is a free service where we can deliver a few cloud computing quotes into your inbox that best fit your needs.

    Colocation Quotes

    Using our database we’ll locate the colocation providers that fit your needs best. While pricing is important, we will ensure that geography, scalability and reliability are taken into consideration when we present our report to you. Another one of our free services.

    RFP Writing Services

    ColoAdvisor’s RFP writing service will ensure you get concise proposals from vendors. Our research shows that most RFP engagements result in no action taken due to scattered and confusing responses.

  • Assess & Ready

    We can assess and ready your current IT infrastructure for the cloud. We’ll understand if you’ll be able to gain an economy of scale by moving to the cloud and we can implement the necessary changes to push your systems into a hybrid cloud.

  • Assess & Ready

    We love automation and we love not getting calls at 3am for server outages. For this reason we’ve developed methodologies that allow us to built highly scalable computing systems leveraging the cloud. We like to pay particular attention to:

    • building failover in every layer possible
    • controlling VM (virtual machine) sprawl
    • enabling continuous compliance
    • easy scalability
    • easy orchestration
    • consolidating management and dashboards into a single pane.

    We are able to assess and fix or just assess and hand you our report so you can begin work on getting your environment ready for the cloud.

  • Migrate

    Using the hybrid cloud features we’ve enabled we can push your environment to a compatible cloud provider to increase scalability and resilience. Knowing IT is important but our knowledge of the cloud marketplace make this better for our clients.

  • Migrate

    We like leveraging the scalability built in our assess & fix phase to migrate your application to the cloud seamlessly. Some of the ideals we keep in mind during our migrations:

    • little to no downtime
    • thoroughly executed and managed
    • thoroughly tested
    • post migration support and testing

    Since we have a great sense of the cloud platforms in the marketplace we know how to move workloads to them.

  • Optimize

    Once deployed in the cloud, auto-scaling, failover and billing alerts need to be configured and tested to ensure maximum scalability while controlling expenses. AWS, Azure & Google Compute are just some of the clouds we work with.

  • Optimize

    Sold as part of a assess, fix & migrate project or this service can be purchased alone. Whether your are hosted in Azure, Amazon AWS or Google Compute, we can make sure you are getting the most computing resource for your dollar. Here are some of the things we like to keep in mind:

    • parking compute instances whenever possible to save money
    • using availability groups to keep your apps running during outages
    • enabling in-depth monitoring (performance, uptime and billing)
    • enabling billing alerts for run away processes

    Regardless of where your computing instances are located, we are positive we can increase efficiency and savings allowing you to receive a quick ROI on our optimization service.