Cloud Assess and Ready

We'll figure out what you have and what to fix to deploy into the cloud

  • The Cloud sometimes is given more credit than it deserves. The promise of the cloud is not even close to being realized without a comprehensive assessment and optimization that can be performed by our team.

    cloud analysis with cloud bursting representation

    Normalize, Optimize and mobilize your workloads to deliver robust IT services to your clients

    Components Every Cloud Should Have

    In an ideal computing environment there’d be certain components that are non-negotiable. In the past, these efforts required massive budgets to cover the software licenses and the expertise to implement and maintain the system. Recent innovations have made this far easier…

    Controlling Virtual Machine Sprawl

    Those savings by moving into the cloud are based on purchasing only what you need. We like monitors that make noise when their are idle resources that are just sitting around.

    Enabling Continuous Compliance

    All the security in the world can be thwarted by leaving older, un-patched operating systems in the server pool.

    Easy Orchestration

    Spinning up new servers, turning servers off, building from existing templates and eliminating tedious, repetitive work makes us very happy.

    Easy Expansion

    We love systems that can auto scale up as demand increases. We love even more the idea of scaling idle resources down if your application permits it. Bursting onto other clouds with a hybrid cloud is fantastic for not only failover but is prevents vendor lock in too.

    In Depth Monitoring

    We want to see and know everything about our environments. Performance and Uptime are critical but we like monitoring billing too. There’s nothing worse than a run away process or bandwidth costing us more than the old dedicated server environments costed us.

    Single Pane of Glass

    This level of automation and scale MUST be managed from a single component. Navigating between different dashboards and control panels allows critical issues to be missed. One is enough.

    Where Does ColoAdvisor Fit In?

    We design infrastructure that scales, moves and fails over in the most seamless way possible. Once these systems are designed (or adapted) we know who the best providers are to accept your applications either full time or on-demand. With our cloud analysis and fix service we can understand how it will fit into the cloud.

    Assess & Ready


    Cloud Migration


    Cloud Optimization

  • If you don’t need our cloud consulting services, we have an excellent cloud computing “finder” service where we can locate the best cloud vendor for your specific needs.

    A presentation we delivered about sourcing cloud computing on your own.
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