Cloud Migration by ColoAdvisor

  • Take Your Applications into the Cloud

  • Cloud migration is exciting as it allows firms to leverage an economy of scale built by someone else. Understanding your IT environment isn’t enough. Understanding your environment in the context of relevant cloud providers is essential.

Leveraging the scalability we built in during the Analysis and Enable phase, our migrations can be very smooth

Migration Services

The 3rd phase in our cloud deployment service. It’s easy to scale the presentation layer of any environment. What about the app and database layers? Why do we move into the cloud? We want quick scaling environments that grow and shrink based on workloads. At this phase seek to understand what it will take to create a scalable and resilient IT environment.

Here are some things we keep in mind as we migrate environments

  • little to no downtime
  • thoroughly executed and managed
  • thoroughly tested
  • post migration support and testing


Analysis & Enable


Cloud Migration


Cloud Optimization


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