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ColoAdvisor is a focused consulting practice. Long before Cloud was a everyday term we were focused on getting legacy client/server applications into managed services providers and managed hosting companies that could off load the responsibility of the day to day responsibilities.

  • Sourcing Services

    Colocation Quotes (a Free Service)

    Using our internal database and over 60 partnerships we’ll locate the colocation providers that fit your needs perfectly. While pricing is important, we will ensure that geography, scalability, reliability and ease of access are taken into consideration when we present our report to you. The clarity in our reports will be  refreshing and allow you to make an educated decision quickly. Checkout our Colocation Quotes Service or fill out the form below.

    Cloud Computing Quotes (a Free Service)

    Our goal is to guide you to the best fit Cloud Computing Solution for your needs while taking into account scalability, flexibility, extensibility, performance and overall cost. We are completely agnostic and so our only goal is to help you choose the right vendor.

    Data Center RFP Writing Service

    ColoAdvisor’s RFP writing service will ensure you get proposals from vendors that are of similar scopes. Our research shows that most RFP engagements result in no action taken due to scattered and confusing responses with disparate pricing. For an RFP that will ensure specific results and force vendors to respond with like proposals check out our RFP Writing Services page.

  • We have a list of the data center facilities we represent here.

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