Cloud Computing Quotes

  • Want Help In Understanding Your Cloud Computing Options?

    As we study the cloud computing market, we realized that service providers have yet to standardize pricing or service delivery in any way. While building our Cloud Services Index we realized how difficult obtaining cloud computing quotes can be as there as so many methods for pricing.

    Here are some different methods for cloud computing costs we’ve seen:

    • By a compute unit based on a specific quantity of processing power
    • By the amount of RAM allocated to a virtual machine
    • By the number of virtual server instances used plus CPU and RAM
    • By the processor only

    Don’t get us wrong, we think the Cloud is an excellent way to deploy applications as it allows one to buy computing in small increments allowing for easier scaling and less startup costs. But the choices are so numerous and the billing methods so vast that it really helps to offload some of the research on a firm like ColoAdvisor.

    Our goal is to guide you to the best fit Cloud Computing Solution for your needs while taking into account scalability, flexibility, extensibility, performance and overall cost. We are completely agnostic and so our only goal is to help you choose the right vendor.

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