Colocation Quotes

  • Receive multiple quotes from competitive colocation services providers quickly and discretely with no cost or obligation.

    We have this theory when it comes to finding Colocation services; For a simple project, you will spend 6 hours minimum per datacenter service provider in the quoting process. Looking into 6 vendors will cost you one week. The 6 hours increases exponentially as you increase the complexity of your datacenter services need.  

    Generally, colocation quotations aren’t given without a good understanding of your needs which can take up to 2-3 conference calls and follow ups. Even if you aren’t ready to purchase colocation services at that very moment it’s rare that the telephone calls will stop from prospective vendors who would like to earn your business.

    Enter ColoAdvisor. We’ve been connecting datacenters with buyers since 2007 and in those years we’ve established an excellent database of the best colocation services providers out there. There are many factors to consider when purchasing space and we’ve developed the criteria that will help guide you along this path.

    Here are some critical areas that we are sure to touch on during our engagement with you:

    • High Density Power Colocation Needs
    • Growth plans and expansion within the datacenter
    • Proximity Needs, colocating servers near your staff
    • Physical Geography and potential environment issues
    • Determining if some elements can be moved to cloud computing rather than colocating servers
    • Certifications needed, such as SSAE 16 certifications, Payment Card Industry (PCI)
    • Network connectivity and On-Net connectivity synergy.

    This is a no obligation, no risk consultation. Our consultant can quickly understand your needs and begin to send you colocation quotes in a easy to read format that can save any IT professional tens of hours. Ask to speak to one of our numerous reference clients that can share their experiences with you

  • Our colocation finder process:

    • Understanding your requirements
    • Developing a requirements document
    • Sending requirements out to colocation service providers
    • Compiling results into a report
    • Sharing this report with you and assisting in the decision process.
    • Contract review assistance

    This brief video gives a great overview of our process…