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Ever write a Data Center RFP that yielded unclear answers and no definite direction forward?

  • We’ve seen those too. Have experts write the RFP (Request for Proposal)  you will use to procure the most critical of IT services to ensure you get apples to apples quotes, the full scope of your needs covered and clear results. You can sign up for a free consultation to see if ColoAdvisor can help with your RFP.

    In our past lives, where we responded to Data center RFP’s for years we realized most RFP’s asked the wrong questions and forced us as vendors to respond with loosely defined services. With this knowledge our consultants now know exactly what it takes to force vendors to respond with concise answers that itemize services and disclose the exact scope of the service. Want to know what future upgrades cost and if your infrastructure includes any disaster recovery components? We’ll make sure these vital items are included in the RFP that you submit to your prospective vendors.

    … With little more than a few short conference calls you completely understood what our needs were and showed your knowledge of the collocation/hosting marketplace by matching us up providers that could provide exactly what we were looking for… I estimate that ColoAdvisor saved me approximately 40 hours of conference calls, follow up calls, face to face meetings and email responses in the course of the engagement …

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