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Infrastructure Expenses Are Hard to Track with a Spreadsheet

Telecom Expense Management is critical to any sized business. Erroneous billing, SLA violations, and duplicate invoices are an issue. You deserve better clarity. Let us help you find the best Cloud & Telecom Expense Management Platform.

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How ColoAdvisor Helps

We document the Cloud and Telecom Expense Marketplace in our internal database. We share our findings with our clients similar to what analysts do. This includes pricing, capabilities, and we’ll even help set up proof of concepts for you to see the benefits first hand.

We’ll Learn What You Need

Give us your requirements once. We have a painless way to gather this data. Rather than giving your requirements to every potential vendor, we can manage the vetting and procurement process for you.

notebook with telecom expense management data

We Research

We research the vast partner ecosystems of major TEM providers. We understand the economy of scale they can bring to your systems while passing their expertise and savings on.


We Deliver Proposals

With no strings attached, we hand over proposals we receive from Cloud and Telecom Expense Management Providers that are a best fit for your cloud deployment with no obligation to make a decision.

presenting telecom expense management options to clients

Why Use a Telecom Expense Management System?

They Justify Their Costs in Savings

They Justify Their Costs in Savings

Most TEMS will charge a percentage of overall telecom spend. Usually within the first couple of months, this expense is recovered by several orders of magnitude. This makes for a quick return on your investment without any investment in costly infrastructure or software of your own.

Dashboards are Needed

Dashboards are Needed

Rather than tabulating total costs, you can catch double billing, over-billing, billing of services that were cancelled, and billing of services in violation of published Service Level Agreements. Escalations to vendors can be opened automatically.

Invoices are Machine Readable

Invoices are Machine Readable

Cloud invoices are meant to be completely transparent and calculate usage by the minute. Even with extensive tagging, cloud invoices are difficult to read. Cloud sprawl and over sized server instances are difficult to spot. TEMS can help with this.

Check Out Our Video Library

Not ready for our help just yet? That’s ok! You can learn more about your options by watching our VLOG series where we cover cloud computing and the business of managing IT.

Cloud & Telecom Expense Management

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